Money: the Unauthorised Biography
Vintage, 2013

Money: the Unauthorised Biography was published  in 2013 in the UK by The Bodley Head, and in 2014 in the US by Alfred A. Knopf. 

The book argues that the conventional understanding of money is wrong; explains why this is a big problem because it presents a major obstacle to formulating the policies that can extricate us from the global debt crisis; and offers an alternative explanation of what money really is – with radical implications for economics, finance, and the future of capitalism. 
It has been published in fifteen countries and ten languages, was a Financial Times Economics Book of the Year 2013, a finalist for both the 2013 Guardian First Book Award and the 2014 German Economic Book Prize, and was called “compulsively readable” by the New York Times.

It must also (surely...) be the only book to have been both cited by the US Supreme Court and endorsed by the lead singer of Kiss.

You can watch a short trailer for Money: the Unauthorised Biography here.

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